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That's me. How the time flies...!
School Place School year Qualification
Mihajlo Pupin, Technical University Zrenjanin 2014/15 - 2015/16 master in informatics and technics in education
Mihajlo Pupin, Technical University Zrenjanin 2005/06 - 2007/08 infomatics-teacher
Construction University, College Subotica 1982/83 - 1985/86 hydraulic engineer
Lazar Nešić Specialised Secondary School Subotica 1979/80 - 1980/81 draftsman, skilled technician
Testvériség-Egység Unified Secondary School Bačka Topola 1977/78 - 1978/79  
Csáki Lajos, Primary School Bačka Topola 1969/70 - 1976/77  
Mihajlo Pupin Technical University (2017)
The circumstances made me have to get a degree for another subject, and that was technical education. I was re-enrolled to the university's master's degree, where I succeeded after 2 years, 4 differential and 9 regular exams.
Mihajlo Pupin Technical University (2009)
Since I began working as an informatics teacher (for the 2003/2004 academic year), there was need for further training. The technical matters were not a problem because I operates in the IT field since 1987. The man, of course, have to learn their profession in the whole lifetime, but there was pedagogy, didactics, methodology and psychology area, which was also well studied. There were 4 recognized exams from previous college, so "only" 35 of them were left. This was done over 3 years. If someone is interested in such things, here is the university's website.
Construction University - College
Even greater autonomy. A month after the beginning I became a tenant with a university colleague because of the impossibility of the journey. We became very good friends.
We have learned, almost every week went through all the cinemas (at that time they were 4), shyly looked at the girls - and put the exams. Those were the days yet in spite of temporary difficulties. More information on the university's website. Of course, not about me ...
At that time, I saw a computer for the first time in my life, the famous ZX Spectrum. Someone remember this?
Then I first saw PC as well. One university colleagues used it in the learning. If I remember correctly, it's brand was Schneider. I didn't know at that time what role computers will play in my future life.
Lazar Nešić Specialised Secondary School
Further difficulties. Everyday journeys to Subotica. The company was very good - across Vojvodina. Adapting to greater autonomy. Homeroom teacher: Kis Sándor.
Dear old classmates, where are you?
Testvériség-Egység Unified Secondary School
First difficulties. Problems were with the German language, but I overcame them. It is true that in the beginning there were some bad marks! Homeroom teachers: Harangozó Varga Lídia and Kisimre Tibor.
Csáki Lajos Primary School
Elementary School - unique and unrepeatable! The man first steps out from a carefree childhood and enters the world of the duties. My homeroom teachers of those times were: Aleksić Zsuzsanna, Hunyadi Gizella, Stefanović Ilona, Bese Béla. We have learned, made child's tricks, the hours are often long gone too. Interestingly, now as a teacher almost every hour seems too short!
When will we meet?
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