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Clarion Professional Developer 2.1

Version 2.1, released in 1989, was known as Clarion Professional Developer, or CPD, and included a component called Designer, which incorporated a data dictionary. CPD generated Clarion code based on the contents of that dictionary and a template called a "model file." Because the model file was a text file, it could be modified (in limited ways) to create custom code. The model file was implemented with the "browse and form" paradigm, where data is initially displayed to the user in list box, and updating is done via a form called via buttons associated with the list. Designer created all the essential of the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) code, and developers could enhance functionality by inserting code at specified points in the generated code, or by hand-coding new procedures. Clarion Professional Developer also introduced Language Extension Modules (LEMs), that could extend the Clarion language using modules compiled in other languages that were built to the LEM format. Clarion Software and many third-party tool developers created LEMs for all purposes, including an extension for connecting to other databases such as dBase, Clipper and Paradox. CPD 2.x was a database solution with everything required for screens, reports, databases and help files.
1. Environment section video:

2. Designer section video A:

2. Designer section video B:

2. Designer section video C:

3. Helper section video:

4. Complier section video:

5. Processor section video:

6. Translator section video:

7. Language section video A:

7. Language section video B:

7. Language section video C:

8. Editor section video:

9. Reporter section video A:

9. Reporter section video B:

10. Cross referencer section video:

11. Filer section video:

12. Sorter section video:

13. Scanner section video:

14. Converter section video:

15. Direktor section video:

16. Tailor section video:
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